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"Not only have you been a life changer for me, you've helped my husband! Today at radiation they were raving about the condition of his skin. You are the secret weapon behind the condition of his skin! I have read and read and read and read to prepare us for radiation. At this point he should be completely red and have potential skin tearing. His skin looks like he may have been in the Sun an extra 10 minutes too long! If you did not know he was going through radiation you would never be able to guess it by looking at him. Thank you does not begin to show you my appreciation and gratitude! Your products are one of a kind and truly life-altering!"

- Amanda Y., Bothell, WA

It’s just so beautiful and inspiring. I can’t wait to use it all. Our baby is going through his 12 month sleep regression so I’m excited to use the sweet grass smudge in his nursery when I do my meditation during his dream feed. 

- Nicole M., Lynnwood, WA

Thank You so much for this wonderful botanical. Smells heavenly. I just love it so much. I will be ordering again in the future.

- Jane C., WA

"I love it all but the extra effort Shawna puts in to provide not just excellent products but beautiful as well.  You don't just "get" amazing wellness - you experience wellness, love, connection from the moment you open the box."

Jennifer K

- Jennifer K., Graham, WA

- Melanie E., Lake Stevens, WA

"I have been a friend and client of Shawna’s for years. I purchase several of her herbal tinctures and elixirs bi-monthly as a part of my regimen to heal damage from Multiple Sclerosis and Epstein-Barr Virus. I also use the bath soaks, healing lip balm, Elderberry elixir (Husband and Daughter take it as well), and the smudge sticks and travel smudge are amazing!! 

It feels so good knowing the herbs I’m taking to heal myself are organic, have been hand foraged and made in small batches. I know the products are safe. I have 100% trust in Shawna."

- Tarah B., Snohomish, WA

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