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Spring Equinox Guidebook

Spring Equinox Guidebook


The Mama Fish Elemental Guidebook is intended to support you throughout the Spring allowing you to dive within, into your heart center to connect to the Element of Air, the Element that corresponds to the Spring months based on the Medicine wheel and Heart Chakra.


The guidebook is full of various deepening practices, contemplation questions, affirmations and personal devotional practices intended to help you connect to the innate wisdom within you, your cyclical nature and the Elemental Spirits the Air.


The contents of the 17 page Guidebook includes:


  • The Elemental Experience
  • History of working with the Elements. 


The Spring Season | Direction of the East | Spiritual Body | Heart chakra


  • Connecting with & cultivating Air
  • Guided practice to connect to the Air Element
  • Affirmations aligned with the Heart - Use affirmations for healing.
  • Deepening Questions - Rediscover your subconscious patterns to promote healing.
  • Calling in the Directions - a guided practice for calling in the directions and Elements for your devotional practice.
  • Finding a "Sit Spot" Discover how to find a place in nature to help you enrich your life in profound ways.


This guidebook has been a labor of love from my devotion to livng in alignment with the Natural world. Please honor this labor of love and DO NOT copy the contents or forward it to others that have not paid for it. Thank you for your consideration.

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