Pacific N.W. Smudge Blend

A blend of sacred botanicals traditionally used during ceremony and ritual to lift negative energy, clear spaces and invite good energy.  
Ingredients: Wild Washington desert sage, sweet grass, cedar, quartz essence, reiki energy and vibrational sound 

Instructions: Place a pinch of smudge in a heat safe shell or dish. Set your intention, light the smudge, clear your sacred space and welcome in the good energy 

The ancient practice of Smudging is a tradition, common to many first nations, which involves burning plants and resins performed as a cleansing smoke bath intended to lift and clear unwanted energy, purify the air, create sacred space during ceremonial and ritual.  Studies have shown that there is scientific evidence that medicinal smoke is a powerful antiseptic & antimicrobial that can purify the air of 94% of harmful bacteria for up to 24 hours.

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