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Botanical & Gem Infused All Purpose Spray

Botanical & Gem Infused All Purpose Spray


Botanical Infused All Purpose Spray:  Infused for a full lunar cycle with sustainably harvested, naturally fallen branches from our Grandmother Cedar tree on the land we call home and organic homegrown lavender.  


Ingredients:  Organic cane alcohol, white vinegar, sustainably harvested cedar tips, lavender blossoms, distilled vibrationally charged water, pink himalayan salt, organic lavender essential oil, quartz crystals, elite shungite, reiki energy and love.     

  • about the products

    Mama Fish consciously and ethically harvests the botanicals in each product whenever possible and lovingly creates them with intention capturing the essence and spirit of Mother Earth. Each product is lovingly hand-crafted in small batches on the unceded Ancestral lands of the first people of Seattle, the dxʷdəwʔabš, Duwamish People, with deep honor and gratitude to the lands and the Duwamish Tribe using a variety of sustainable, organic, wild, home grown and locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the utmost quality. To read more about my process please refer to the F.A.Q

  • earth loving

    Mama Fish is passionate about preserving and protecting Mother Earth. Each product is packaged in a reusable glass container intended to minimize waste.  I encourage you to please reuse or recycle your glass container.

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