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Hi I'm Shawna!  I'm so happy you found your way here. I am the creatress behind Mama Fish Botanicals & Wellness where I pour my heart into Earth infused offerings and hold space for your wholeness using Usui Reiki, Vibrational Sound therapy and Energy Medicine. I reside with my amazing supportive husband, two beautiful kids and four cats on the traditional, unceded Ancestral lands of the Nisqually Tribe, dxʷdəwʔabš people and stand in Solidarity with them as the First Nation that tended to this land.   All of my offerings are intentionally co-created with the Earth from my heart and packaged with the utmost care using a variety of homegrown, organic, wild-crafted, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients infused with Lunar, Solar, Crystal & Reiki Energy.  I also offer Intuitively guided in person 1 on 1 healing sessions, distance treatments, group sessions along with curated gatherings & Sacred ceremonies.

A deeper look into my journey and how I arrived here:

After years of making products for myself and gifting them to family and friends, Mama Fish Botanicals was officially born in 2015. "Mama" came from my gift of being a Mother and "Fish" for my last name, Fisher. I'm a homeschooling Mama of two beautiful Souls, a wife, empath, ritualist, clairsentient and am incredibly passionate about my family, living in harmony with the earth, animism and encouraging daily self-care. I'm an avid organic gardener, grow a lot of the herbs and flowers I use in my botanical products, have a deep and abiding connection to Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, the Elements and work in harmony with the seasons and lunar phases.

My path to holistic wellness began in 2007, while training to be an Esthetician at the Euro Institute. The world of wellness, healing, and energy work began to come into focus as I learned the vital importance of taking care of the body from the inside out and holistic medicine.  During this time, I heard a calling and started to understand there is more to my purpose. I began to notice a shift in my life leading to my powerful healing journey from a life filled with processed foods and the “work hard, play harder” lifestyle. I became deeply passionate about eating whole, organic foods and using skincare products without chemicals. This life nurturing shift brought me into a deeper connection with Mama Gaia, which ultimately inspired me to begin studying energy medicine, herbalism and led me to begin making organic skincare products for myself and as gifts where I could concoct the best products using the purest and most nourishing ingredients.  


In 2010 and 2013, my dedication for living a healthy and connected lifestyle grew stronger with each birth of my two children and I became committed to making the world a better place, protecting the earth for future generations while surrounding them with a healthy home and life.  Through my children's growth, my truth started to transpire and I began my powerful spiritual healing journey.


In 2015 I began studying herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar, Master Herbalist through The Science and Art of Herbalism followed by a rich Wildcrafting apprenticeship with Susanne Tabert, Herbalist and Wildcrafter at Cedar Mountain Herb School which eventually led to deepening my herbalism studies at The School of Evolutionary Herbalism with Sajah Popham where I attended his Alchemical Herbalism course where I learned about the ancient origins of plant medicine and mysticism


During my journey with plant medicine and deepening into my own healing journey I was guided towards my purpose and passion of sound and energy medicine when I received a clear message from Spirit during a weekend Yoga & Meditation retreat.  I was told that I was supposed to begin cofacilitating drum circles with my Dad which is something he lead for many years as a way to recover from Cancer so together we began the “Great Spirit Healing Drum Circle” a monthly gathering at his farm where we led community circles for six years offering healing through music, guided meditation and Spirit journey's. Being apart of this community allowed me to expand further into my spiritual journey even more and inspired me in more ways than I ever could have imagined.  At our circle, I had the honor of connecting with my greatest teacher, mentor, “Mama” Melanie Jusula. She took me under her wing, shared her wealth of knowledge with me (and continues to), attuned me to Reiki energy, certifying me to a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher. This life changing attunement fed my deep yearning to expand my knowledge of energy medicine and led me to study the Art of Sound healing with Irene from The Seattle Sound Temple and then with Molly Knight Forde from The Awareness School where I learned how to work with Binaural beats and my alchemy bowls weaving sound with my voice and music theory. This allowed me to work with sound on a much deeper level.  I deepened in Vibrational Energy Medicine with Acutonics ® Institute of Integrative Medicine by attending their certification classes where I learned practical applications using my planetary tuning forks on the acupuncture points and meridians.  I began to explore Astrology learning how the seasonal cycles are connected to the cosmos and the Elements with Tyler Penor from The Chironium & The School Of Living Astrology and dove deeper into Shamanism attending classes at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies where I learned how to shift my consciousness for healing and empowerment by journeying with the drum followed by the Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner Class with Lynn Roberts from Shamanic Reiki Worldwide were I learned how to weave Shamanism and Reiki as a Master Practitioner. Over the last couple years I've been blessed to soaked up the teachings of Cyndi Dale attending her Energy Medicine Certification Program along with her Energy Medicine Apprenticeship were I got to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the Subtle body and immerse in her vast ray of knowledge for healing.  I also was guided to become a Trauma Informed practitioner to learn how to create safer spaces from the amazing work of Shelby Leigh.  Most recently, I've been inspired by my current studies into the Sacred Sciences and Mystical Arts with the The Academy of Oracle Arts.  I am so deeply grateful for all the my mentors and teachers who have helped me feed my insatiable desire for learning and who have enriched my practice in profound ways.  

With a Pisces Sun sign, Virgo Moon & Gemini Rising I am a forever student with a deep desire for learning, expansion, community healing and creativity. I'm a life long seeker who loves sharing all that I have learned with the world around me while learning from the wisdom of my students, clients, children, our beloved Mother Earth, Plant Spirits and the Cosmos ​I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my heart and soul with you. 

With Love and deep gratitude, Mama Fish / Shawna



- Just for today, I will not be angry.

Anger creates serious blockages in one's energy. It is the most complex inner enemy.

Letting go of anger brings peace into the mind.


- Just for today, I will not worry.

While anger deals with past and present events, worry applies to the future.  Letting go of worry, brings healing into the Body.


- Just for today, I will be grateful. 

Be grateful from your heart. Simple things as extending gratitude, forgiveness, a smile, kind words can improve your life and the life of others bringing joy into the spirit.  


- Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Support yourself, family, friends and thy neighbor respectfully without harming others and live a life of honor. Working honestly brings abundance into the Soul.


- Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Honor your parents,your teachers, your children, the earth and all of creation.

Being kind brings love into the heart, opening the door to healing 



My Reiki Lineage

Shawna Fisher

Melanie Jusula

Madeline M. Hunt

JoAnne Gregory

James T. Gleason

Diane Stein

Rosemary Cathcart

Virgina Samdahl

Hawayo Takata

Chujiro Hayashi

Mikao Usui

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