Intuitive Distance Reiki & Energy Healing


A 1 hour Intuitive Distance session where I hold space for you in a safe and compassionate container intuitively honing into the blocks in the physical, emotional and spiritual body while holding space in a gently and loving way.  Each session is a custom treatment tailored to your needs using a variety of modalities intended release physical, emotional and spiritual blockages stored within and around the body restoring the natural state of your body bringing you in alignment with your true self.


Your session may include:​


Chakra Balancing

Biofield Tuning

Removing Blockages & Restoring Balance​

Power Animal Retreival

Shamanic Divination (gaining clarity to a question) & Healing


To get the most benefit from the treatment, I recommendation you carve out time to be undisturbed during the session.  I ask that you sit comfortably in a quiet state of receptivity as I am sending this blessing to you. To prepare yourself and your space, you may want to light a candle and incense and/or cleanse your space with sacred plants before your session begins. I will contact you before your session begins via text message, to tell you that I am about to begin, and after the session. Following your treatment we will discuss your treatment and I will deliver a written report within 48hrs via email of your treatment. 


Reiki can be done over long distances because there is no distance when it comes to spiritual matters such as prayer and Reiki. In my experience, I have observed that Reiki is just as potent when sent over distance as in person. The Universal Reiki energy will flow to wherever your needs are, regardless of where you are.

  • Preparing for your treatment

    Before your treatment:

    • Wear comfortable clothing. You will remain clothed during your treatment except for jackets, shoes and bulky items.

    • Go to the restroom prior to your appointment time.

    • Arrive early to fill out paperwork if it is your first visit. You can download your paperwork here ahead of time.Download File

    • Silence your cell phone before your treatment so it will not be a distraction.

    • Ask questions and share any health concerns or conditions. All sessions are completely confidential.

           During your session:

    • Do not hesitate to ask for anything that will enhance your comfort. We want this to be a blissful and relaxing experience so we can adjust your pillows and blankets, hand you a tissue, etc.

    • Most treatments begin with you lying on your back with your arms at your side.

    • If strong sensations or emotions begin to arise, breathe through them. You are welcomed to express what you are experiencing if you feel called to share. Crying, laughing, feeling warmth and tingly can be normal to experience during a treatment.

    • Feel free to talk and ask questions if you’d like. It’s also normal to be completely silent for the entire session if you prefer to relax deeper.

           After your session:

    • Take your time getting up after your treatment. Please ask us for help if you need it.

    • You are welcome to share your experience, ask questions or share concerns that may have come up during the session. If you would like to discuss anything at length we can schedule a time to discuss things further after your treatment.

    • Drink plenty of water after your treatment.

    • Allowing yourself some time after your session to reflect on what came up, journaling and/or meditation. Being in a relaxed state can allow you to gain clarity.

    • An epsom salt bath is a wonderful post Reiki treatment. You will be given a complimentary salt bath ritual with your first treatment and offer a variety of Bath Salt Rituals for purchase from Mama Fish Botanicals. We recommend you take a bath or soak your feet following your treatment.


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