Divine Feminine Anointing Body Oil

A high vibrational botanical & gem infused oil intended to honor, celebrate, invoke and balance the tenderness, wisdom and creativity within the divine feminine goddess.  This divine blend of botanicals is supportive during your sacred moon cycle as its traditionally used to regulate menstruation, relieve sore muscles, relax nervous system, encourage lucid dreaming and clear unwanted energy.  

When you anoint yourself you claim your divinity, invoke the Divine Feminine and all her sensuality and mystery.

Directions: Apply oil on body focusing on the abdomen and back. Use as an anointing oil during your moon cycle or when you're feeling called to honor and connect to the Divine Goddess within.

Ingredients: Organic jojoba oil, wild Pac. N.W mugwort, organic e.v. olive oil, organic vitex berries, organic shatavari root, wild mugwort leaf, reiki energy, clear quartz points, gem essences of moonstone, rose quartz, love and intention.

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