Chakra Stones- Engraved Sanskrit Chakra Symbols

Chakra Stones- Engraved Sanskrit Chakra Symbols


A complete set of 7 Chakra Stones in a Mama Fish Stamped hemp bag and Chakra Illumination card for your meditation practice, reiki practice, chakra balancing, crystal grids, alter, home decor, etc.  


The measurements and Crystals

  • Pyramid is 1"x1"x1" - Stones: red jasper, carnelian, yellow jasper, green aventurine, angelite, lapis lazuli and amethyst

According to Legend and Folklore:
The sacred shape of a pyramid that dates back more than 5,000 years. The pyramid shape is a supernatural source of power and energy! Pyramids amplify and balance energy through their apex. Everything within the electromagnetic field of a pyramid is believed to move towards harmony.


  • about the products

    Mama Fish consciously and ethically wild forages the botanicals in each product whenever possible and lovingly creates them with intention capturing the essence and spirit of Mother Earth.  Each product is hand-crafted in small batches using a variety of sustainable, organic, wild, home grown and locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the utmost quality.

  • earth-loving

    Mama Fish is passionate about preserving and protecting Mother Earth. Each product is packaged in a reusable glass container intended to minimize waste.  I encourage you to please reuse or recycle your glass container.

  • warning

    Please do your own research and consult with your qualified healthcare provider before using herbal products particularly if you are pregnant, nursing or using any medications. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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