Bath Ritual Gift Set


A set of the 3 Mama Fish Bath Rituals, Mini 5ml Body Oil & Mini Smudge Stick


Goddess Bath Ritual - A luxurious bath ritual that will take you away to a tropical paradise, ignite the goddess within, while restoring the moisture in your skin leaving it hydrated and silky smooth.  Ingredients: Organic coconut milk, pink himalayan salt, epsom salt, rose petals, rose buds and quartz essence


Bathing Flowers - A blend of botanicals that will leave you feeling like you stepped into the garden.  Ingredients:  Rose Petals, Rose Buds, Chamomile flowers, Lavender Flowers, Milky Oat Tops, Calendula Flowers and Quartz Essence


Full Moon Bath Ritual - Celebrate and honor the divine feminine with a soothing bath infused with salts and botanicals traditionally known to ease your aches, pains and relieve menstrual cramps when you need some extra love from your sacred cycle.  Ingredients: Epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, mugwort leaves, rose petals, chamomile and quartz essence




Wild Mugwort Body Oil-  A woodsy and sweet body oil infused for 5 months from Wild Pacific Northwest Mugwort that is a wonderful ally for woman’s reproductive health. It’s a perfect oil to use just before and during your sacred moon cycle as its traditionally used to regulate menstruation, relieve sore muscles, relax nervous system, encourage lucid dreaming and clear negative energy. Organic Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil, Wild PNW mugwort (artemisia suksdorfii) and quartz essence




Lavender Body Oil- A calming and relaxing body oil infused for 5 months from fresh lavender. Traditionally known to bring a sense of peace, reduce stress and anxiety, soothe irritated, dry, chapped skin, ease bites, cuts, minor burns, wounds, relieve acne, aches and pains. Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic lavandula angustifolia, herkimer diamond essence, quartz essence and quartz essence




Calendula Rose Oil- A moisturinzing body oil infused for 5 months from fresh calendula flowers and rose petals.  Traditionally known as an anti inflamatory that promotes healing, prevents premature aging, soothe burns, skin irritations, treat bumps, bruises, bangs, cracked and dry skin conditions.  Ingredients:  Organic jojoba oil, organic calendula flowers, organic rose petals, quartz essence and quartz essence


-1 Space Clearing Stick - CHOOSE ONE


Mini Desert Sage Stick


Palo Santo Stick

Smudge Stick
  • about the products

    Mama Fish consciously and ethically wild forages the botanicals in each product whenever possible and lovingly creates them with intention capturing the essence and spirit of Mother Earth.  Each product is hand-crafted in small batches using a variety of sustainable, organic, wild, home grown and locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the utmost quality. To read more about my process please refer to the F.A.Q

  • earth-loving

    Mama Fish is passionate about preserving and protecting Mother Earth. Each product is packaged in a reusable glass container intended to minimize waste.  I encourage you to please reuse or recycle your glass container.

  • warning

    Please do your own research and consult with your qualified healthcare provider before using herbal products particularly if you are pregnant, nursing or using any medications. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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