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Spring Equinox Seasonal Ceremony Ritual Set

Spring Equinox Seasonal Ceremony Ritual Set


Hand-crafted seasonal products to support the Spring Season and the Element of Air


- Heart Chakra

- New growth

- Inspiration

- Rebirth

- Heart centered living


Ritual set includes:

•Elemental Tea Blend - to drink and bring you into alignment with the season and air element.


•Feather - Ethically gathered and naturally fallen from a happy & loved hen for your space clearing and devotional practices or can be hung to hold your intentions/prayers.


•Seasonal Smoke Medicine - a blend of P.N.W plants to support you with your devotional practice and energy hygiene.


•Shell - for burning plants


•Elemental Tea Bath Ritual - attuned to the Spring Season and Element of Air


•Raw Crystal 2"+ in size - Aligned with the heart chakra, Air Element and the Season


•Mini Sacred geometry grid - a variety of mini crystals aligned with the season and a grid.


•Bundle of Incense Sticks


◇The flute is NOT included.


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  • earth loving

    Mama Fish is passionate about preserving and protecting Mother Earth. Each product is packaged in a reusable glass container intended to minimize waste. I encourage you to please reuse or recycle your glass container.

  • about the products

    Mama Fish consciously and ethically harvests the plants in each product whenever possible and lovingly creates them with intention capturing the essence and spirit of Mother Earth.  Each product is lovingly hand-crafted in small batches on the unceded Ancestral lands of the first people of the Nisqually, the dxʷdəwʔabš people, with deep honor and gratitude to the lands and the Nisqually Tribe using a variety of sustainable, organic, wild, home grown and locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the utmost quality.   

  • about rituals

    Rituals are a meaningful activity where you engage solely for the purpose of connecting with the deeper parts of yourself bridging your higher-self to your physical being.  The purpose of adding rituals into your daily life is to slow down, carve out time for yourself to reveal the loving energy that resides inside you, hear your souls whispers and hearts desires. Rituals are made sacred by your intention, a way to honor yourself, bring balance into your life and anchor yourself into your body.  Rituals are actions like your morning tea or coffee.  Its finding sacred time for yourself to get quiet and fill your own cup because the relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship. 

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