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Shawna Fisher and Brooke Rodriguez are Soul Sisters, Best Friends, Creatives, Clairsentients, Certified Third Degree Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Practitioners and Energy workers. In 2017 after a 12 year friendship (in this lifetime) they began sharing their gift of Energy Medicine together during a Woman's Retreat.  During that first treatment they experienced an ancient remembering of working together and immediately knew they were meant to hold space together. They are deeply in tune with each other often living in synchronicity which creates a powerful healing experience. Their private sessions are held in a safe and compassionate container while they intuitively hone into the blocks in the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic body. Each session is a unique experience guided by you and your current needs as they support you in a gentle, loving way using a variety of methods and modalities intended to release the burden of past, present, future and ancestral trauma stored in the physical and subtle body.  Their intention is to hold space for you assisting you with clearing limiting belief systems, resolving negative emotional energy allowing you to release all that doesn't serve your highest good bringing you into alignment with your true self. These powerful shifts can allow you to step into your own personal power bringing you a greater capacity to express joy and happiness in life, your birthright on this planet. The time is now for you to come home to yourself and open up to your soul's purpose. We look forward to connecting with you and would be honored to hold space for you.

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